You effortlessly attract other heartists.  

Life gives us so many opportunities to practice the art of choice.

Choosing reason or intuition.

Choosing yes or no.

Choosing fact or faith.

There is not necessarily a right or wrong.  And they are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but there is a distinct energetic experience when we choose from a place of trusting our inner wisdom, or as some would say choosing love over fear, and in my experience those choices tend to yield the highest rewards.

Choose Love Over Fear

Choose Love Over Fear

Sometimes I like to explore new cities letting my body lead me, and make my decisions for me.  And yesterday I found myself posting up in a coffee shop on the main drag in Southbeach to get work done rather than stay in our sweet little AirBnB.  As I was working a man came up to me to comment on my hair.

We ended up in a discussion about heart and soul music (that’s usually my answer when people ask me the question most artists dread when people innocently ask,

“What kind of music do you play?”

I replied, “Why don’t I show you rather than tell you.”


We proceeded outside for a little musical moment, along with his friend who seemed a little standoffish.  I had a moment of fearing his friend’s judgment and reading his body language as indifference, but Jason was so present that I decided to just sing directly to his heart and to open myself all the way to the moment of sharing.  As I was singing I felt him opening, revealing, surrendering, allowing love to fill him, and at the end of the song I started freestyling a blessing just for him.  As this was happening I also became aware of his friend Kevin, shifting into a place of receptivity and presence.  When I finished I was so moved by feeling who these men were at the core of their beings that I burst into tears.  I fell in love with their souls.  I felt our sameness.  Our innocence.  Our inner worlds harmonizing, as they allowed themselves to be seen and reflected through my song.


As it turns out these men were HIGHLY spiritual, and Kevin (the friend who had initially seemed standoffish) had been a heavy hitter in the music industry.  Producing music for Keith Sweat and others.  Apparently people hit him up all the time to listen to their music and he had been pretty turned off by the limelight and ego in the music industry and had been subtly and humbly pursuing a path of consciousness that was SO clear in how he spoke about life and through his reluctance to be recognized for his fame and success in the industry.


The moment of choosing love over fear evolved into a profound merging of 3 people whose “outer appearance” couldn’t have looked more different, yet whose inner worlds were in perfect harmony…through the access point of heart and soul music.  Heartistry.  Living life with heART wide open.  Thank you Kevin and Jason for being so available for life to move you.  And for welcoming me into your world as an expression life itself.  #FeelTheMagic #ShareTheMagic #GetYourHeARTOn #TheHeartistsWay

#ShareTheMagic Southbeach

#ShareTheMagic Southbeach: Kevin D, Jess Magic, Jason

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