My jewelry is more than a product. It is a message. It is my heart. It is my offering of love, healing and empowerment. It is my gift. It springs from the well of my soul’s  journey–telling tales of heartbreak and self love, of embracing our talents and our rough edges, of coming into our soul’s calling and of continuing to grow, heal and bloom. My jewelry is an experience. It is sacred adornment. It (read more) weaves together ancient symbols and natural elements into one-of-a-kind handcrafted talismans that remind you who you are. My jewelry is a devotion. It is a prayer. It calls to the place within you that is longing to be expressed. It is a conversation. It is a connection point between strangers. It is a smile, an embrace–a welcome home sign. My jewelry is an invitation. It is an opening. It is a door cracked ajar. It asks you to come closer, step across the threshold, and land at the intersection between your senses and your heart. Hope to see you for a squeeze and chat this Sunday. xoxoDeb Urban Blossom Jewelry Show

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