The Junk Drawer & Display Case

I am the sensual, sexy, hips moving,

Come-and-get-me, look-and-do-touch.


I am the critical, inspector of every bump, fold and flap

The check-myself-in-street-windows–the judgment:

Not worth much.


I am the open, juicy, legs spread, sunbathe naked,



I am the rigid, frigid, only-wear-black

Tucked away, hidden and covered


I am the bold, outspoken, charisma-oozing

Center stage honey pot.


I am the invisible, look-but-don’t-see, dim my light, self doubting shadow

–don’t matter what I got.


I’m the sacred vessel for love, channel for God

Agent of creation and one with all.


I am the disconnected part-but-not-the-whole

You-over-there, me-over-here

Great separator–great builder of walls.


I am both and either.

I am the junk drawer and the display case.

I am the chalice and the drinker.


I am the space that holds both sides.

I am the claim that no longer hides.


I embrace my all–my polar parts–

My heights, my depths, my complex heart.


With eyes wide open, I take a peek.

At the ocean inside me.

And the trickled stream.


I watch. I learn, as more’s revealed.

No good, no bad–just what’s not healed


So I pray and I wait and I ask to see truth.

And I trust that these sides of me all live in You.

~Written by Debbie Lichter, Copyright 2014


This poem flowed from me right after a meditation where I was contemplating the polarity that lives in me. Thank you for sharing with me this magnificent HeARTist journey of growth, “uncovery” and healing.