I believe that intimacy is one of our most vulnerable, most courageous and inherently rewarding explorations as human beings…
Some of us have mastered self intimacy…the journey of self-discovery, self-expression, going deep inside.

photo (19)Some of us are profoundly available for romantic intimacy…we can allow someone to know us, to give of ourselves generously, and receive love fully and fearlessly.
Some of us are able to create intimacy in public spaces or amidst our community, to say what is on our hearts, to be real and open even when we are afraid of the response, or when it goes way outside of the realms of social appropriateness, what’s expected, or what we’ve been taught.

I am in full devotion to this path of intimacy. My journey embarks into each arena with fierce devotion and willingness to stumble, rise up, and soar along the path of deep connection.
In my current relationship I am recognizing that the qualities that are allowing for us to go deeper than I have ever gone before must live within both of us. For me those qualities are trust, surrender, availability, capacity, devotion, presence and self-love.
It has now been 3 epic months that I have been dancing alongside my power partner, my epic lover…a man who has shown me what is possible when two beings come together with all of this online. In this moment I invite you to take some time for yourself, and to ask what are those qualities that I must own in myself to embody intimacy on all levels. Let is be a hot date with yourself as you dive in to this exploration! I celebrate you, I celebrate me, and I bow to the path of freeing all parts of ourselves that desire and deserve to be experienced and expressed!