Mama Afrika

She’s been raped by her lover
She bleeds tears that stain
She’s been devastated by killing
She’s been silenced by pain.

Every 4 minutes she re-opens the wound.
Every 8 hrs one more lays in the ground.

We must see through the beauty to the trauma within.
We must be one voice standing and start healing our kin.

My newest jewelry collection, called Mama Afrika, is dedicated to the healing of South Africa, one empowered woman at a time. Every 4 minutes someone is raped in this country and every 8 hrs a woman is killed by her intimate partner. South Africa has been recently named the most violent country against women in the world. And that’s just the reported cases. It breaks my heart to love a country so dearly and to feel her trauma so deeply in my bones.

So this week I turned my rage and my sorrow into creative energy and drew from the deep and overflowing well of love that has sprung up within me and I got to work. Each piece in this collection cross pollinates the healing energy and heart stones from Glastonbury, England, which is the Heart Chakra of the planet, with the natural gems, base metals and raw materials of South Africa. I am moved to take action, and put substance behind my words, so am open and asking the ways in which my heART can contribute to healing our world.

Read more about the necklace here or watch the video below

Re-Purposed Belt Buckle & Charm Necklace
Instead of each act of violence adding another notch on South Africa’s statistical belt, this piece takes off the belt, discarding what doesn’t serve and keeping the strongest part–the buckle–to represent our strength, our resilience, our ability to rise up and recreate our future.
The Charms: The dragonfly weaves between worlds and helps to translate the messages echoed in the Cosmos. The heart directs us to the path of healing and self love. And the mini glass jar represents your unique medicine for this world. You have a magic elixir–a key ingredient in the global melting pot–that no one but you can provide. This small vial is for you to fill–literally or figuratively–with the nectar of your heart song and the essence of your soul.

Thank you for reading to the bottom of this post. Your awareness is already creating change.
love you, xoDeb