This is my all-time favorite style of earrings–real evergreen leaves that have been hand dipped and preserved in 24k gold and paired with an amethyst briolette. Not only does this Golden Leaf collection represent both the unique expression of a single leaf and the ancient wisdom of a flourishing tree, but I particularly love to share about the evergreen as a talisman to carry us through the winter months.

Significance of the Evergreen Tree


Throughout the centuries the evergreen has been a potent cultural symbol of life and resilience in the dead of winter. The literal meaning of an evergreen is to remain un-withered and green throughout the. The evergreen teaches us that even in the dark of our own personal winter, there is an eternal source of life and strength within us that forever flourishes. May each time you see an Evergreen be a reminder that you are forever renewing, may it bless you with all of the beauty, grace and wisdom of a thriving Evergreen Tree.


~ Jewelry and description by Debbie Lichter, Copyright 2014