Slave Quarter 

A Poem from Starving For GodA Collection of poems on addiction, recovery and freedom

Slave Quarter

Chained and shackled

Total submission


This is addiction


This is the life of a slave

To disease

Mastered and owned

Brought to my knees


Locked in a frame

With no windows or doors

Exhausted and battered

Crying no more


When did my temple Get desecrated?

When did my Spirit Get subjugated?


When did destruction

Become the boarder

Turning my body

Into a slave quarter


Where I spend all day

Filled with the drone

Of weighing and measuring

And dropping a stone


Obsessing and scared

I turn to my master

Asking for safety

And getting disaster


Then retreating at night

To my cell in the cold

Lonely and bankrupt

My confidence sold


And I go for years

Forgetting my freedom

Hopeless and hurt

Baffled and beaten


Then I reach a place

Where my bottom hits rock

And on my own power

I know I can’t stop



And I’m faced with the choice

Break free or go home

And I learn that I don’t

Have to do this alone


So I start on a path

That’s honest and brave

To see where I’m master

And where I’m the slave


And I clean out the dungeons

Sweep years of debris

That’s been clouding the archway

Of my liberty


And I place the keystone

In my new temple door

And I walk through to freedom

My spirit restored


And as the scales

Fall from my eyes

I find who I am

Beneath all the lies.



I see I’m not slave

Nor a even boarder

My temple’s rebuilt

With God as the warder


And under this rule

My body and soul

Are cleansed and anointed

Sacred and whole


And I find a new strength

That’s beyond Brawn or brains

And I unlock the secret

That break all the chains


And I light a new candle

To tell the story

Of being a slave

And being set free.


~ Written by Debbie Lichter