In honor of International Soul Art Day, this Make HeART crafting circle is an offering to women worldwide to reclaim their raw heARTistry and remember who they are. On May 14th, we will call in the dreamers, the weavers the wise women of our ancestors to sit with us, by the fire side, and guide us in sacred jewelry making and song. The tapestry of the evening will weave threads of our indigenous, wild roots, the sacred connection of women in circle, and the archetype we are collectively embodying—the heartist. Deb will guide you in making your own EmpoweRing, that represents your raw heARTistry and literally materializes your creative potential into reality, and Jess will share and teach The Heartist’s Way song that has been channeled through. The event begins at 6:30pm PST and goes to 9pm. Join us by the fireside, from your homestead hearth via google hang out and craft with us. Stay tuned for more details!

with heART,
Deb & Jess, your co-journey women


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