I used to call myself an activist. I ran a non-profit advocating for healing and put programs into action to help further my fierce passion for a more thriving and just world. Now I call myself an artist…actually a heArtist. And low and behold the music and art that flows through me advocates for healing and helps me channel my fierce passion for a more thriving and just world 

Passion can be labeled, identified, branded and channeled into many forms of expression, but in the end of the day it comes back to a deep and undefinable origin. A fiery desire in our bellies. A churning, burning, yearning in our hearts. Today the burning in my heart is asking to be soothed by the healing power of water and even moreso from a beckoning for the unshakable respect for the health and healing of water.

As an advocate and activist I was supposed to “pick my battles”…to choose one or maybe two causes…which was SO hard, because there was so much going on that I wanted to change or “make right”, but at the time my highest guidance told me to pour myself into learning the root causes of where and when we learn to cause harm to our brother and sister humans…to take away their choices…and in turn to live in a deep place of shame, guilt and unworthiness.

As an artist I don’t have to choose. I sing to be free. I sing to whomever wants to listen and I call to whomever is ready to hear.

Our oceans are in the deepest need of not only our songs and prayers but our voices, choices and action. Today my activist and my artist make love in their ask for ANYONE who is free to listen. Please follow the link below to learn about what you can do to help protect majestic mama ocean from receiving 3.6 million pounds of nuclear waste 108 feet from the tide line off the California Coast. I don’t have to spell out who this is relevant to. You can imagine the “ripple affect” (cheesy dad pun intended). You don’t have to give up any of your other causes to choose this. Just add one more log to the fire of your passion and desire and let your love burn a little brighter.

There is more than enough energy to give voice to the voiceless when our passion is stoked  ;-)  My sisters Krista Richards and Annie Anton will be down at the courthouse April 14th singing and bringing Heart Medicine #SongsForTheWater.

Please share this with your fellow surfers, paddle boarders, coastal livers, ocean lovers, marine life caretakers, earth keeper humans. What’s happening here is not unique. Whatever locale we call home, let this be a moment where we expand our humanity into being both artists and activists in the most vocal of ways on behalf of the planet we share and call home. I love you. Aho 
Erica Rose Betsy Finkelhoo Kylie Slavik Ro Palomo THANK YOU for bringing your voices in so fully.
Rich Van Every Cory Tanner Glazier Andrew Hewitt Eli Call Shiloh Ann Boss please help spread the word to those you feel would care and carry themselves down with the amo of heart and soul in their satchels 


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