Our Story - The Heartist has been around for lifetimes, but represents a new genre of archetype.  A lover.  A healer.  An artist. One who allows the unfolding mystery of life, love, purpose and relationships to be his or her muse for creation.

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What IS a Heartist?

The Heartist, has walked the earth for lifetimes, yet is among a new generation of archetypes.  She embodies a way of living, loving and creating from an awakened heart that is capable of feeling the full spectrum of our Humanity.  The Heartist has an immense capacity to create from the “raw materials” of life, finding nourishing channels to create beauty in the world through forms of expression that make Her come alive while effortlessly healing and igniting other human hearts.  My mission is to humbly and fearlessly serve as your Headmistress of Permission in the movement to invite those who are yearning to be a full spectrum, free range human by tapping into the core of your creative heART and soul. 


Debbie Lichter
 Debbie Lichter is a women’s empowerment and embodiment leader, a visionary jewelry artist, healer, movement educator, speaker and co-creator of The Heartist’s Way. She facilitates Art of Self Care, Creative Liberation and Recovery workshops, and retreats nationally and internationally, helping people connect with their true essence, their authentic expression and their body’s wisdom through the mediums of jewelry making, inner healing work, the MELT Method and through her uplifting Urban Blossom Jewelry—made from gemstones and natural elements that serve as a vibrational anchor-point for a woman’s highest potential. www.urbanblossomjewelry.com. For info about public speaking engagements, workshops or press inquiries please contact: Debbie.lichter@gmail.com

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Jess Johnson
Jess Johnson is a speaker, artist, essence and embodiment coach, songstress, and a social entrepreneur. Founder of social change organization Jeans 4 Justice, co-author of The Heartist’s Way, and head facilitator for Free Your Voice, she fuses her background and passion for story-telling, somatic wisdom, creative expression and music with a deep devotion to people living a life that is free, fearless, and fulfilled.

A HeARTist is someone who uses the raw materials of his or her life to create a masterpiece of perfect imperfection.

And I am living my own mythic journey–filled with wonder, exploration, heartache, healing and discovery…