Free Your Voice 2018

FREE Your Voice. EXPRESS Your Truth. EMBODY Your Soul. LIVE Your HeART Song.

Eight Week Series Includes

14 FYV course hours +

1 private coaching session +

2 lunar rituals + guest experts, aka “MUSES” of embodied expression +

co-written song experiences +

daily tools, practices, and modules +

an intimately curated community of sisters to support you along the way +

personalized satchel of gems and goodies to deepen and expand your experience +

an UNFORGETTABLE live experience where your heart and soul take the microphone.


“How we live and express our being directly influences the energy we have for our lives.” – unknown

We begin our 10th Free Your Voice immersion on April 17th, following the New Moon on April 16th.  For the convenience of your travels and endeavors, we gather virtually, every Tuesday from 6pm – 7:45pm PST.

Valued at $2,500, THIS WILL BE THE LAST ROUND offered for the discount rate of $1,111, or 3 payments of $444

So here it is…the Free Your Voice Immersion, gathering a small, curated tribe of women together to uncover, untether and set soaring the wisdom that is alive inside your body, heart and soul!

Created for you with love by Jess Magic

Kick it off with a FREE bonus!

30 minute deep dive up front!  Me + you to get to know each other, make sure this experience is a fit for you at this moment in time.  We’ll hone in on your relationship to your voice and uncover what you want to feel, learn, share, cultivate and express during this journey together!

8 Group Calls. Themed Modules.  A Personal and Collective Healing of the Feminine Voice.

  • WE REMEMBER: We recall all fragmented parts of ourselves.  The parts we forgot or were told could not and would not be loved.
  • WE RELEASE: We uncover and let go of all the stories, programs, ideas that we inherited and let them burn in the fire that lights up our sovereignty, our wholeness, our brightest inner light.
  • WE RECOVER: We take back out power.  Our inner knowing. Our intuition.  Our capacity to FEEL.  In the safe space of full-permission sisterhood we remember who we really are and give turn the volume up on the whispers that guided us to this moment.
  • WE RECLAIM: We OWN our personal desire to tell our stories.  Ou birthright o express our emotions freely and unapologetically.  Together as a counsel of women, we release the tension of suppression and unleash it as healing energy into the world.
  • WE REAWAKEN: We uplift and reenergize our inner Lover, Truth Teller, and Seductress.  W remember the pleasure and the adventure we have access to when we become the level of presence and listening we want from others.  An intimacy so deep, we become turned on by everything, seeing the beauty in all people, places and things.  We practice the art of feeling and expressing through our bodies and notice how that can enhance our capacity for empathy, confidence and deep intimacy.
  • WE REVEAL: Through vulnerably sharing ourselves, we awaken sensuality and increase pleasure thresholds through our bodies and our voices.  We release tension and experience the PLEASURE of seeing and hearing ourselves unfiltered, undefended and free.
  • WE REBEL:We sing to be free.  We express without apologizing for our truth.  We listen from the depth of our hearts to our sisters, because in the light of her full expression and radiance, we shine even brighter.
  • WE RECONNECT: We return to our communal essence, creating opportunities to gather, that opportunities to share our voices with our tribe…LIVE.  RAW.  REAL.

Online Community.

We provide a Free Your Voice Facebook group and a private group WhatsApp thread to share footage, stories, photos and reflections of your experience and give support and encouragement for one another as we gear up to express our heARTs!

2 Lunar Activation Rituals.

The moon is a powerful teacher and can serve as an activating force to help women connect more deeply to our bodies, and the cycles and rhythms that guide our creative flow (literally).  Because of this, when we carve out time to be with nature and listen to our bodies, we allow ourselves to deepen into our feminine receptivity and become more in tune with the universal guidance available to us in each moment.  These two customized rituals created for this particular group of women will feature education, context, and insight around our connection with the moon and our natural rhythms, as well as a guided meditation, and a ritual that can be done to harness the energies available to us during these potent times.  These rituals will be integrated into the weekly calls leading up to:

  • Monday, April 30th, Full Moon
  • Tuesday, May 15th, New Moon 
  • Tuesday, May 29th, Full Moon

1 60 minute private coaching call.

Along the way I’ll be offering a one-on-one session to help you navigate any pieces that are conjuring the desire for deeper support.  Since we are dancing in the mystery together, you get to use this as the need arises.  We’ll schedule it within 3 days of your initial noticing!  Easy Peasy.

Live Ritual


Bonus Live Event 

The Free Your Voice experience will culminate into a live experience that we like to call our Open Mic Ritual.  Held in a private venue, this will be an opportunity for the virtual community of sisters to unite (physically), to experience the alchemy of our vulnerable, intimate and courageous journey together and to invite loved ones to witness us in an open mic like none you’ve ever seen.  We’ll use our tools and practices to break through fears around being seen, being acknowledged and being our most authentic, radiant selves.  Sound edgy?  Well, it is…but that’s why your here…isn’t it?

The Free Your Voice 8 week immersion is valued at $2,500.  THIS WILL BE THE LAST ROUND offered for the discount rate of $1,111, or 3 payments of $444 (over 60% off my 1 on 1 packages)

Reserve your spot, and schedule your bonus call by emailing HERE:

1 payment of $1,111 OR 3 installments of $444

We begin Tuesday, April 17th, and will be together for 8 consecutive Tuesdays from 6pm – 7:45pm PST

Tools and Practices

  • Meditations, visualizations and practices to help unravel years of tension, grief, anger and trauma that have gotten lodged in the body
  • Practices to reunite your voice with your body, to ignite into your inner “Heartist”, and to more fully inhabit your chosen areas of expression in the world
  • Ongoing opportunities to reclaim your creativity; write spoken word pieces, poems, create engaging video posts, verses to self-love songs, etc
  • A collection of recoded modules that you can do on your own time to help activate areas of your heart, your imagination, and your creative spirit that have been lying dormant, and are ready to be rediscovered, turned on and expressed!


Tangible Outcomes

  • More comfort being sounds scary…but trust me it feels damn good ;-)
  • Capacity to transmute negative emotions into a catalyzing force for your creativity.
  • More confidence singing in public, speaking your truth and powerfully sharing your message
  • Mastery of speaking to the opposite sex with power, clarity and ease.
  • Deeper connection to your body’s wisdom, along with cues and clues to help you live a healthy congruent life; emotionally, physically, sexually, socially and spiritually
  • More fun and greater freedom using your voice!


What Women are SINGING About

Adelle Photo

Adelle Juliet, Co-Founder MediMeals

I’ve stored a lot of fear and shame around singing, and it has felt so healing to have a safe space to explore my voice and experiment freely. Since starting these calls I have felt more liberated than ever before to be sharing my voice, not for the sake of being heard, but for the purpose of feeling the internal high of allowing myself to express so limitlessly. Without a doubt, I am more empowered to sing now that I’ve been through this program and as I continue to free my voice I can feel myself evolving into a more expressed and boundless woman.




Rayma Photo

Rayma Montero, Chopra Center


Free Your Voice led me to explore the deeper parts of myself that I hadn’t seen before. From singing, to writing, to chanting to express what needed to be expressed, and receiving so much unconditional love and support from the amazing women in the group, was invaluable. Jess is a deeply intuitive mentor that took me deeper and deeper into finding self-acceptance and freedom. I am so grateful for this course! I want seconds :)





Erinn McMurtrie

Erinn McMurtrie, HHC, Holistic MBA

Free Your Voice has been such an AMAZING experience for me. I have never felt so truly and deeply held, seen, and supported by a group of women (or people) in my life. This kind of support has allowed me to feel safe within myself to express, opened me up creatively and allowed me to connect with a community that’s deeply loving. I’m more in touch my with my body, my femininity, singing (so fun!!), and my sexuality. I can’t speak highly enough of this experience and of Jess and her amazing gift. I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in exploring any of these topics. What a transformative experience! Thank you so much Jess <3



A Little About Us…Why Work with Us?

Free Your Voice

Jess Johnson, Founder, HeARTist, Songstress, Muse

Jess Johnson a.k.a. Jess Magic is NOT a traditional voice coach.  She’s also not a trained musician, or an opera singer or a pianist.  She is a Heartist. She is a steward of emotional freedom and a champion for creative liberation.  If you are reading this, most likely she came into your life to help guide you into intimacy, pleasure, and deep connection to your heart and soul…through the vehicle of your voice.  She dances in the shadows as well as the light.  Her role is to support humanity’s liberation and unification by transmuting pain into power, suppression into expression, and providing roadmaps for people to explore the wisdom of their bodies so that they can confidently bridge their inner voices out into the world.  Jess is a shameless self-expresser and has nearly a decade of experience facilitating transformational leadership programs, ranging from women’s empowerment, to creative expression for entrepreneurs, to healthy relationships and sexuality for teens and adults, to the healing individual and collective wounds around sexual trauma.  She confidently plays the full range of the human emotional, spiritual, and creative experience, while teaching others to do the same.  “We don’t sing to be good, we sing to be FREE!”



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