Finding my HeART after years of artistic starvation.

Finding my HeART after years of artistic starvation.

…I started writing this blog last night and it flowed into something that feels more like an excerpt from as unedited part of The HeARTist’s Way book, so thank you for being part of the raw unfoldings in real time and stay tuned for more!


Finding my HeART


For 34 years you could say I was artistically anorexic. I was that kid in art class who would stare with envy at other kids as they drew, painted and designed and wonder to myself, how do they know what to do?

I was sure that I  had no creative inspiration or artistic talent and so at a young age I threw in the paint brush and never looked back. Soon the angst of being a pre-teen consumed me and I lost interest in being artistic.

My personal artistic Great Depression lasted for almost 20 years, as I fell deeper and deeper into the traps of perfectionism, addiction and apathy. And then in 2011, something shifted. A year prior to that, I had started a dedicated process of spiritual recovery that brought me from the depths of addiction into a place of  freedom and inspiration. And reclaiming my artistic essence seemed to be the next step in my spiritual evolution.

So I committed to a 3 month journey using the book, The Artist’s Way, as my guide, and slowly began to open to the idea of artistic expression as something possible for me.

One day, (I think it was actually day 89 of 90) I built up the courage to walk into a bead shop. As my eyes danced over the rows of colored beads my gaze landed on a ring made with beads and wire. I looked at the shop owner and asked, Can you teach me how to make that? She smiled with warm affirmation and we sat down together.

The lesson itself probably took 20 min and yet I felt like time stopped. I was enchanted by the process of crafting something with my own two hands. I was doing it. I was really doing it. I was making art! And I loved it. I didn’t even care what it looked like. I just loved creating for the sake of creating.

This was the very first thing I ever crafted. It's my most precious piece of jewelry.

This was the very first piece I ever crafted!

Setting up a little table at home, I continued to make wire wrapped rings, employing the one and only technique I had learned. Eventually, I switched from wire wrapping beads to wire wrapping semi precious stones. Working with these beautiful, healing gemstones only fueled my creative fire. I wasn’t ready yet to call myself a jewelry designer, but I knew that something was birthing inside of me.

With each piece I was weaving in my pure joy and inspiration and I began to fall in love with the style that was coming through me: Quality gemstones wrapped in a simple, casual and naturally imperfect manner. Each stone inspired a slightly different wrap and I discovered that every gemstone I worked with had a unique way that it wanted to be adorned with wire. I began to surrender to the wisdom of the materials, the muse and the magic flowing through me.

Before long, women were asking if they could buy my pieces. Blown away but excited I began opening to the idea of being a jewelry designer. At the time I was a full time pilates studio owner of a space called Blossom Pilates & Soul, and since this jewelry making passion seemed to bud from the same tap root, I called my collection Urban Blossom Jewelry. It seemed fitting since my journey of artistic recovery was very much a graceful blossoming mixed with the grounded realism of urban life.

Urban Blossom continued to grow, adding more collections and inventory, and by 2013 I was finally ready to claim myself as full time jewelry artist. I handed in the keys of my pilates studio on December 31st and on Jan 1st 2014, offered myself at the feet of The Great Creator.


with Love and HeART,


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