Today, on our Free Your Voice call we uncovered a new way to harmonize….with our intention!

A New Way to Harmonize

A New Way to Harmonize

You may be wondering what the *&^% I am talking about. (insert your own 4 letter word…remember, I am a facilitator, not a teacher)  So let me give you a little context.  I was trying to teach a call and response song, Altar of Love, playing my ukelele and having our group repeat verses after I sang.  Because of the delay it sounded like an arrhythmic cacophony, and I could feel some of the women’s frustration and rejection of the dissonance.

So we tried it again.

This time leaning into the delay.  Knowing that it wasn’t going to sound like a Snatam Kaur concert.

We gave ourselves full permission to sing off key, out of timing, and let go of trying to make it sound good…leaning into the pure expression of sound for sound’s sake…guess what happened?

It got more fun!

Experience More Pleasure

Experience More Pleasure

Then we did it again and this time, it actually began to take on a whole new flavor and feeling.  Each voice unique voice got a little louder, came into more balance to hold the intention of the group.  We were singing to be free.  We were singing for our own self-approval, for each unique voices adding into the cauldron of sound.


Without judgment.

For our own pleasure and joy.

And, rather than our notes creating the harmony, it was our intention.

So my invitation in this moment to you is to check your intention.  Is there space for you to let go of your attachment to the quality of the result, and find the beauty of the moment.  Might that liberate you to move joyfully more towards that desired outcome?  Might your desired outcome itself even change?

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